Answers to client´s FAQs

1) ¿Which are the countries that I can travel with the motorhome?

    • You can travel to any country in the European Union. When visiting Portugal, you must show us the receipts of the payments of the tolls, otherwise you will have to pay 200 Euros to the landlord

2) ¿What is the proper speed when driving a motorhome?

    • You must drive with a speed limit of 100km / h and in case the traffic signals indicate a lower limit, you must respect it

3) ¿Who can travel and spend the night in the motorhome?

    • Only those persons who were registered at the moment of getting the vehicle can travel and spend the night in the rented vehicle. If other people who are out of the registry are added during the trip, the tenant will lose the deposit

4) ¿Can I rent, even if I am not a resident of the European Union?

    • If you are not a resident of the EU you can rent with us, but you must have a valid driver's license from your country, which is equivalent to the type B license of Spain, you must also have an international driving license.

5) ¿Can I bring pets to the caravan?

    • It is forbidden to travel with pets, in order to avoid damage, unpleasant odors or accidents.

6) ¿What information does the landlord need to calculate the rental cost of the motorhome?

    • The client must indicate to the landlord, what day and time they want to leave, how many children and adults are going to travel in the vehicle, the route they plan to take, inform if they are going to carry a lot of luggage, a motorcycle, surfboards or any other equipment sports. Based on these data, the lessor arms the rental budget and offers the most convenient camper for that case.

7) ¿Is there a limit of kilometers established in the rentals?

    • Yes, the motorhomes are rented with a limit of kilometers sufficient for the trip that the client wants to make, of course, the limit is agreed between the lessor and the tenant. The number of kilometers allocated in a rental can be distributed at convenience during the days of the rental, that is, the tenant can do 500 km on the first day and on the second day rest and on the third day only 100 km and thus better the client prefers it. What can not be done, is to exceed that limit of kilometers that was already agreed in the contract, otherwise, the customer must pay 0.20 Euros for each extra km he has made.

8) ¿What happens if I cannot arrive on time when returning the motorhome?

    • The client must inform the company as soon as possible that there will be a delay in the return of the vehicle. On the other hand, the company charges 50 Euros for each hour of delay. Likewise, the client must run with the charges for the damages generated by this delay, especially if it involves another rental, making it impossible for the lessor to comply with the delivery of the same caravan to another tenant in a timely manner. If 4 hours have passed since the scheduled time for the return, and the motorhome is not returned to the rental center, the Panda Rental company will proceed to make the corresponding report to the Police and Justice.

9) ¿How can i reserve a rental date?

    • When you have consulted your budget and have reached an agreement with the landlord, you must pay the company 30% of the total cost of the rental of the motorhome, in order to reserve those days you require for your trip.

10) ¿Under what circumstances will the company not return the deposit?

    • If the motorhome returns to the rental center with damage or deterioration and if the customer breaches our rental rules.

11) ¿Can you smoke in the mobile home?

    • It is strictly prohibited. If the caravan is returned with a cigar smell, the client will be sanctioned.

12) ¿What accessories does the roller include?

    • Panda Rental includes in the motorhome a series of elements free of charge, among which we can mention, fire extinguisher, chocks, tables, camping chairs, campingaz kitchen, electric power converter 12 v 220 v, hose, bucket, pills deodorants for toilet, among other elements, according to the availability of the same in the rental center for the day of delivery of the rolling.

13) ¿Does the TV pick up a good signal?

    • Generally, the signal that picks up the TV antenna is bad, therefore, you cannot see channels. Therefore, we recommend customers to carry an HDMI cable to connect it to a laptop and play, videos or series.

14) ¿How is the efficiency of the refrigerator?

    • The refrigerator of a motorhome, unlike those in any house, works by absorbing the temperature in the environment, cooling in the best of cases to 20 degrees less than the temperature outside. Therefore, it is recommended to use to cool some cans, some fruits that do not require much cold and little else. It is not recommended to store foods such as meats or sausages, because they could be damaged. On the other hand, you should avoid opening the refrigerator door unnecessarily, because, because it is so small, in a matter of seconds it is possible to escape all the cold and then take hours to cool down again. The doors do not support the weight of a conventional refrigerator; therefore, it is better to just place some light things. To improve the performance of the refrigerator, we recommend placing an ice pack inside it and changing it every day.

Luxury tourism in Puerto Banús

Puerto Banús is a tourist enclave located in the Nueva Andalucía urbanization of Marbella. It was inaugurated in the year 1970, and since then it has become one of the biggest attractions of the Costa del Sol.

Annually this port registers the visit of almost 5 million tourists from all over the world. In its streets you can find luxurious restaurants, prestigious hotels and clothing stores of the exclusive brands Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Versace, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Bvlgari, among others. In addition, in one of the roundabouts to enter the port, you can contemplate the sculpture of three-toned rhinoceros artist Salvador Dalí.

This place is the fourth marina with the most expensive berth worldwide, with a price of € 2,069 per mooring; the boats that arrive at this place can have 15 hectares protected by sheltered dikes.

Puerto Banús, received its name from José Banús, who was an important Spanish businessman and builder, who was persuaded by Noldi Schreck, architect who participated in the construction of Beverly Hills, to use the area of Puerto Banús to build an Andalusian urbanization and discard the idea of building large skyscrapers, as José Banús had in mind; the Spanish accepted the recommendation and thus the first port with the address of a single architect emerged.

This port was awarded the Gold Medal for Tourist Merit in 1975 and the Gold Mercury International Award for its positive impact on the development of the economy, culture and society.

If you come by motorhome to Marbella you cannot miss this ostentatious destination, with an incredible climate in the best style of the French Riviera. You can leave the road in a secure campsite and go by bike or motorcycle to the beautiful Puerto Banús, or you can also choose to take a bus from those that pass through the main avenue, which crosses the city in the direction of Puerto Banús.