Steps to rent a motorhome at Panda Rental

  • 1. Contact us for a quote:
    • In panda Rental we provide a practical channel within our website, so that our customers can consult their budget easily and online. To use this channel, you must enter the "Rentals" section and then click on "Budget". Next you will see a form, which you must complete with the information requested in each field; When you complete this step click on "Send budget form". When we receive your request, one of our advisors will contact you to offer a response to your inquiry.
  • Agreement between both interested parties:
    • You must raise all your questions and requirements to the landlord in order to reach a fair and convenient agreement for both parties interested in the business. This step is where all the rental details will be decided, which will be reflected in the contract
  • Book the motorhome you want:
    • Once finalized all the details of the lease such as, the type and model of motorhome, kilometers limit, total price, among other factors; it will be time to make the reservation of the service, for which you must pay the lessor 30% of the total cost of the rental, assuming the commitment to pay the remaining amount of the rent, one week in advance of the date of delivery of the vehicle.
  • You can pick up the motorhome at the rental center:
    • The day scheduled for the delivery of the rolling stock, the customer must arrive at least 40 minutes in advance to the rental center, to be present at the inspection that will make the landlord, then make a record where the state will be reflected in the that the vehicle will be delivered; said act must be signed by the client and the landlord.
      On the other hand, that same day the client must deliver 800 Euros as a deposit to the landlord and then must sign the rental agreement. The tenant should listen to a series of recommendations and explanations that the landlord offers in the form of a brief training. To complete the customer will be given a set of keys for all the doors of the vehicle, together all the documentation so that the vehicle can circulate completely legally

Museum of Contemporary Spanish Engraving in Marbella

Conveniently for tourists and Marbella, in a pleasant stroll through the Casco Antiguo of the city of Marbella, you can find the Museum of Contemporary Spanish Engraving, which was inaugurated on November 28, 1992, in the former Hospital Bazán, whose structure Renaissance dates from the fifteenth century and has been declared as a good of cultural interest, cataloged as a monument.

This museum opened for the first time with a donation of 1350 graphic works by artists from different parts of Spain; since its opening, it has given rise to workshops, exhibitions, conferences, awards, and a specialized library, in order to call for reflection, around contemporary Spanish art and especially the world of graphic work.

At the moment the collection of the Museum of the Contemporary Spanish Engraving, counts on more than 4000 works, where all type of tendencies of the most important artists of the Spanish panorama are found. This museum received the National Engraving Prize, from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in San Fernando, in 2000, and the Discover Art Award, in 2010.

If you go in a motorhome to know Marbella and leave the vehicle in a secure campsite or parking, we recommend walking around the squares, streets and corners of the Old Quarter of the city, where you will stumble upon this museum that is worth visiting, to discover the various artistic trends that have been imposed in the region, throughout history.