Terms and conditions of Motorhome Panda

1) Client:

  • In order to rent a motorhome from Panda Rental, the customer must be at least 26 years of age, have a receipt for domestic services in their name, in order to check their address; show the landlord a work proof or document that validates his work or trade. Of course, you must have your current identity document. If in addition to the tenant you will also be the driver of the motorhome, you must read the following point, where the conditions for the drivers are explained

2) Driver:

  • The lessee must declare who will be the people who will drive the motorhome, as the landlord will record their information in a report that must then be signed by both parties interested in the contract. Drivers must be over 26 years of age, have a Spanish or EU type B driver's license, valid for more than 2 years. If the driver is not a resident of the EU, he must have the international driving license and his license from the country where he resides that is equivalent to type B of Spain

3) Contract:

  • All agreements between the client and the lessor will be established in the contract, which will be signed by both interested parties. Only the conditions established in the rental contract are valid and those that originate from the client's occurrence are not admitted, which also differ with what was written. This contract is governed solely by the laws of Spain and its extension is excluded, since it is limited to the agreed duration.

4) Security deposit:

  • As part of the rental policies of Panda Rental, the customer must pay the company the amount of 800 Euros at the moment of withdrawing the vehicle from the rental center. This amount serves the landlord as a guarantee, so that, in case of damage, breakage or any kind of damage received by the vehicle during rental, repair, labor and other expenses to remedy the deterioration, it can be deducted from the bail. On the other hand, in case the rolling stock is returned in perfect condition to the lessor, the amount of the guarantee will be reimbursed to the customer within 24 hours

5) Payments:

  • Once the client has reached an agreement with the landlord, regarding all the details of the rental, such as type of caravan, rental time, dates, hour of delivery and return, mileage limit and total cost of the service, the Tenant must proceed to pay 30% of the rent at that time, in order to reserve.
    Then, with one week to go until the delivery of the motorhome, the client must pay the lessor the remaining total rental cost. Finally, on the day of delivery, the client will pay 800 Euros to the company, as a guarantee.

6) Delivery of the motorhome:

  • On the day of delivery of the motorhome, the lessor will make a record in which the status of the rolling stock will be described, which will be signed by both parties. Likewise, the client will pay the 800 Euros deposit to the company and sign the rental agreement; Then the customer will receive a set of keys for all the doors of the caravan, which must be returned once the contract has been finalized. The rolling stock will not be dispatched until the landlord explains to the tenant all necessary instructions for the use of the mobile home.

7) Return of the motorhome:

  • The return of the vehicle must be made on the date and time agreed between the landlord and the tenant, if the client does not arrive on time, he must pay € 50.00 per hour of delay; but if they pass 4 hours of non-compliance, the contract will be finalized and the landlord will assume that he is being robbed, so he will proceed to make the corresponding complaints and legal actions before the competent authorities.
    When the motorhome arrives at the rental center, an inspection of the vehicle will be made, in the presence of the tenant; then a report will be prepared with detailed information on the state of the caravan, which will be signed by the landlord and the tenant. In case of registering damage (s), the repair will be covered with a deposit of 800 Euros, and if the cost of the damage will exceed this guarantee, the client must pay the difference.
    If the lessee can not be present at the time of the inspection of the rolling stock, the company will send the signed document by mail, so that the customer can appreciate the damages and, also, must accept the assessment made by the staff of Panda Rental.

8) Additional charges:

  • Adding fuel inside the drinking water tank, or adding water or a non-diesel fuel to the caravan's fuel tank, will imply a penalty of 800 Euros.
  • Expenses generated by a delay of the tenant in the return of the vehicle, which makes it impossible for the company to rent exactly that same trailer to another customer.
  • Cost of fines or penalties, which derive from any infraction of the law, attributed to the vehicle.
  • If the vehicle was retained or seized because of the lessee, all expenses will be at your expense, including the loss of profits of Panda Rental during the time the vehicle is stopped.
  • If the client does not return the caravan's set of keys to the lessor, he must pay the company 250 Euros for replacing them and will bear the shipping cost, if necessary.
  • Interest for delay in the agreed payments for the rent.
  • For exceeding the limit of kilometers that was included in the rental agreement, the client must pay 0.20 Euros per additional km.
  • If the fuel tank is not full, the refueling service will be charged 20 Euros, plus the cost of the missing fuel.
  • At the time of the return of the trailer, if the adblue level is not at the same level as when the vehicle was delivered, 20 Euros will be charged.
  • Charges for cleaning, in case the caravan is returned with dirt in some areas or in its entirety.
  • If the client travels to Portugal and does not show toll vouchers to the lessor, he must pay 200 Euros to the company.

The Alameda Park in Marbella

At the gates of the historic center of Marbella is the Alameda Park, which is considered a symbol of the city. A few meters from the seafront, this park is a beautiful place that is frequented daily by both Marbella and tourists seeking to get away from the noise of the city.
The park is relatively small, but it is full of much attraction, because it has a lush vegetation that beautifies each area and provides shade everywhere. In its central axis has a fountain that honors the Virgen del Rocío and at night its beauty impacts visitors, it offers a beautiful show with lighting and jets of water.

Formerly this park was larger, because it occupied a space of 20,000 square meters, but with the passage of time the surface has been reduced due to the constant demand for building land. From the park you can access the sea avenue that goes down to the Paseo Marítimo, which is a beautiful pedestrian avenue decorated with marble that is worth visiting, since it offers an amazing collection of sculptures made by the artist Salvador Dalí.

If you are going by caravan to Marbella, we recommend you to leave the vehicle at Buganvilla Camping, which is a few minutes from this park and offers everything you need for a safe and pleasant stay, so you can take a walk through this area that will take you directly to the Mediterranean, where you can also find a variety of restaurants, bars and terraces with a pleasant atmosphere, ideal to relax while you know a bit of the cuisine of the region.